Landlords cannot evict tenants for not paying rent, it’s unlawful – Lawyer Alexander Nartey


Lawyer Alexander Nartey who happens to be the National Coordinator of Alternative dispute resolution has stated that landlords do not have the right to evict their tenants.
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Speaking on My Lawyer My Counselor show on TVXYZ, lawyer Alexander Nartey posited that if a tenant’s advance rent expires, a landlord does not have the right to evict the tenant until the court authorizes it.

“Our rent law states that if someone gives you money as a tenant and the rent advance expires, he or she is still your tenant so you can’t evict me from the room

“In law, we call it statutory tenant, so in law, the person is still your tenant so if the person has to be evicted it has to be taken to court for authorization before the person can evacuate the room and also pay the balance”, lawyer Alexander Nartey said

So, as it stands, no landlord can forcibly evacuate a tenant on the basis of rent expiration unless the issue is resolved in a court of law.

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