1. Bangers Night,The Good,Bad and Ugly.


The Bangers Night concert, as it was named, truly lived up to expectations. Thursday is an unusual day for events, but nevertheless, the Gadam nation did not disappoint their President. The day started well, devoid of rainfall, but just as Fancy Gadam arrived, it started raining.

Unsurprisingly, not even the rain could stop the fans from enjoying their float in the rain with 1 Don. It continued until 8 pm, then it stopped. The show started as early as 10 pm and all went as planned. However, some fans were left disappointed with the stage and arrangement of tables as they felt it was below the brand of the musician. Some fans also questioned why the 300Gh table had no meat to complement the drinks.

The supporting artists did not disappoint, but the biggest surprise and best performer of the night was taken by upcoming sensation, Kelly Black. His craft thrilled the audience and received a massive response.

Fans started to become angry as it was almost 3:30 am and Fancy himself was yet to climb on stage. When he finally did, it was banger after banger to the delight of the audience. The show finished when the call for prayers started, signaling the end to the delight of the Gadam Nationals.

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