2. Angry youth chase out medical superintendent of Bimbilla Hospital


The medical superintendent of the Bimbilla hospital, Adam Barhama, was chased out of his office on Friday by angry youth who demonstrated against him, demanding that he, the accountant, and the administrator leave the premises.

On Friday, the medical superintendent returned to the hospital, but the youth went to drive him out again.

The medical superintendent had to be escorted out of Bimbilla by the police for his safety.

The medical superintendent returned to work on Friday, but the youth quickly remobilized to drive him out again.

The MCE said the medical superintendent disrespected the traditional authorities by turning down their invitation.

He said the traditional authorities would have called the youth to order, but the attitude of the medical superintendent did not help.

On returning to his post after things stabilize, the medical superintendent said he had done his best for the municipality, and it was time for him to move on.

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