Uncle Ebo Taylor taught me a lot as a musician – Pat Thomas


Legendary Ghanaian vocalist and songwriter Pat Thomas has stated that Uncle Ebo Taylor whom he had collaborated with in the past had taught him quite a number of things.

The old but golden talent Pat Thomas indicated during an appearance on the 3FM Drive that the renowned record producer was a teacher to him.

He stated, “Uncle Ebo is my boss. He taught me so many things. My guitar improvement came from him”.

According to him, it was Ebo Taylor that pushed him to write music.

“He encouraged me to write music: to write my own song. When we were together, he’ll write the sound and tell me to sing anything I want. Sometimes, he’ll even give me a title and ask me to write it,” he added.

Pat’s voice and Ebo’s guitar came together for their 1984 self-titled album, Pat Thomas and Ebo Taylor.

The sound earned them positive acclaim all over the world for its danceable tunes and spiritual lyrics.

It’s also been described as an album that has the ‘heart and soul of Ghana’ by music pundits.

The veteran musician, having maintained a high level of relevance in the music industry, advised musicians who wanted to last in that space to show respect to all and put effort into whatever they studied. “The first thing they have to learn and know is respect. Respect is the most important; one thing that you should be in your life. In whatever you want to do, you should let respect be the first thing whether young or old. Also, whatever you are learning, learn it properly and make sure that you are getting it the way you want,” he admonished.

Pat Thomas will headline the Highlife Night happening at Accra International Conference Center on August 4 at 7 pm sharp. To get the tickets, dial *713*101#.


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