We must investigate young men who drive expensive cars – Francis Dodovi


The Suame NDC parliamentary candidate shared his frustrations with the recent surge of ritual murders in the country. According to him, the need to be rich overnight is the basis of these horrendous acts. He is advocating that people who live luxurious lifestyles should be investigated to know the source of their wealth.

Francis Dodovi shared these sentiments on Peace FM, where he appeared as a guest. According to Mr Dodovi, the rush to get instant riches is eating away the fabric of our society. He pointed out that people are no longer motivated by the humble beginnings of wealth building. They would rather readily hail overnight success.

“The love for ill-gotten wealth is becoming too much. Nobody cares. There are people that through their sweat from humble beginnings. But you see some young men that want to be rich overnight. So that they can also be acknowledged as rich men. But we cannot build a society like that. All of a sudden, people want us to see that they are also rich.
This person has bought a Maybach, then he goes and buys one too. But what work does he do that he can pay for a $200,000 Maybach? Someone who has not even reached the age of 30? Society must investigate all these things. That is the only way out,” he continued.

Francis Dodovi shared his experiences in social settings where young men between 23-24 years old driving luxury cars are wasting money on drinks. Buying drinks worth Ghc1,000 and buying cars priced at 2billion Ghana cedis. According to him, your salary should determine your wealth.

“Now in Ghana, the most glorified thing is a rich person. We are not worried about where they got the money from. Once they know that you have money, everyone, especially in Kumasi, would throng to that place. As to where the money is coming from, no one knows. Today, people don’t celebrate knowledge. All that we want is money.”

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