Paramedic goes an extra mile to save a woman’s life


An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Abubakari Mubarik went the extra mile to save a situation that nearly cost the life of a patient.

Stationed at Gwollu in the Sissala East District in the Upper West Region, Mubarik was driving an ambulance in which he carried a patient who had internal bleeding and was on blood transfusion, to the Wa Regional Hospital.

The vehicle developed a fault in the middle of the journey.  Amidst heavy downpour, the young man without any deep knowledge of the fault decided to step out of the steering wheel to fix the problem.

The Gwollu-Han road which now serves as the linkage between Ghana and Burkina Faso after rains washed away the major routes weeks ago, is in a terrible state. It now takes twice the average time for drivers to reach the regional capital.

Mubarak and his colleague, Darison were unable to reach their Regional Director on the phone who would have dispatched the nearest ambulance to their rescue.

In his quest to save the woman’s life, he eventually succeeded in fixing the vehicle halfway and continued the journey to the Wa Regional Hospital. The woman was taken to the destination facility and was responding to treatment.

Mubarik took a risk to fix the car and was able to send the patient to the destiantion

“We were transporting a patient with internal bleeding, who was on blood transfusion from Gwollu hospital to Wa regional hospital,

“Due to the bad nature of Gwollu to Han road and stacked big trucks in the middle of the road, the down plate, that protects the oil base almost removed and it was obstructing the movement of the ambulance which we couldn’t run on, and could not even speed 20km/h

“So we stopped in the middle of the rain and I was able to halfway fix it ( but it was left hanging) because we couldn’t spend more time to work on it because the patient was losing more blood internally

“Thanks to the Most High after halfway fixing the problem, we got to Wa regional hospital in 2 hours time with the patient alive”, Mubarik recounted what happened.

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