NDC MP who was mistakenly credited with ₵133,000 to her bank account informs bank and asks them to reverse it


The Member of Parliament for Ada constituency, Madam Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe-Ghansah did not take it lightly when she was mistakenly gifted a whopping ₵133,000 into her bank account.
She quickly alerted the bank officials and the police of the anomaly- fearing someone was up to mischief and never wanted to be implicated in any wrongdoing.

She shared this intriguing news on Facebook saying;

“Hello friends, the case of the huge sum of money deposited in my account without my knowledge, has officially been reported to the Police Commander of Parliament,” she posted.

“Later, I also went to file an official complaint at the bank. Officials of the bank told me they will reverse the money. I tried to know the source of the money but I was told by the officials that they suspect their system but they will investigate and get back to me.

“Anyway, I have done my part to reverse the GHC 133,000.00 which was deposited in my account without my knowledge. Whoever did that, please note that I have instructed the bank to reverse it by writing to them. I will update you when they reverse it and write officially to me”.

The opposition MP had earlier on August 16 expressed fears she may be used as a “scapegoat” after she first received the money.

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