Western Togoland leader dead


The founder and leader of the secessionist group, Home Land Study Group (Western Togoland), Papavi Charles Kudjordji is dead.

The political figure passed on in the early hours of Saturday 16th October 2021 after a short illness.

In September 2020, separatists in Western Togoland declared independence from the Republic of Ghana.

After the declaration, gunmen raided police stations in Mepe and Aveyime, two little-known towns in the Volta region of Ghana.

The armed men were later reported to belong to the Western Togoland Restoration Front.

This is one of two or more separatist groups campaigning for the creation of a new nation from the boundaries of the former Trust Territory of Togoland under British administration, which has been part of Ghana since 1956.

The armed men seized two police vehicles, injured a police officer on duty and made off with a number of weapons, including 10 AK-47 rifles and four pump-action guns.

Some of the group’s members were arrested and slapped with treason felony charges but those charges were eventually dropped pending further investigations.

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