UN, Western Nations must embrace Guinea’s uprising – AFRICOM boss


The President of the United States of Africa Command, Ghana (AFRICOM), Mr. Abednego Rawlings Orstin, has urged the United Nations and all Western countries to recognize and welcome the Uprising in Guinea which was led by Col. Mamody Doumbouya and his officers on September 5, 2021.

According to him, the action by the Guinean soldiers brought an end to dictator Alpha Conde’s government.

Mr. Rawlings argued that the move by the soldiers was a massive victory for democracy on the African continent adding that President Conde’s decision to change his country’s Constitution leading to a third term was an affront to democracy and the only way to correct it was a counter coup, which the soldiers did expertly.

“Alpha Conde’s third term in office was an abuse of power which has become the life-style of some African leaders so the 5th September move was a call on all African Presidents to put an end to the fidgeting of their countries’ Constitutions for their parochial interest,” he fumed.

The AFRICOM boss and his team praised the Guinean soldiers for executing what they call “Holy uprising” adding that African leaders are only interested in abusing power immediately they assume power through the ballot box.

“Immediately they [African Leaders] assume office, the next thing they think of is how to change the written constitutions to extend their stay in office to benefit family and friends,” Mr. Rawlings charged.

“Coups are not accepted in any democratic dispensation but the Guinea Coup is a big lesson for African leaders who are only interested in power and nothing else,” he said.

Mr Rawlings reiterated that the move by Colonel Doumbouya and his able soldiers should not be condemned by any Western nation adding that it should rather be encouraged to serve as a deterrent to the entire leadership on the African Continent.

“How could a president change a nation’s written constitution to suit him to contest elections for the third time just to amass wealth for few, increase his salaries and award contracts to his family and friends,” he charged.

Mr. Rawlings insisted that Alpha Conde must be tried and sentence to jail to send a strong warning to other despots on the African Continent.

“If the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) relocates from Germany to Africa, no leader can massage the written Constitution of his or her country to favour them. If the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) relocates to Africa, the will and wishes of the people and the potentials in every African country will be achieved,” he added

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