Tema: Churches declare war on gay activities


The Tema Local Council Churches (TLCC) in the Greater Accra Region have declared war against activities of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queers (LGBTQ+) in Ghana, describing LGBTQI+ and their activities as curse that must be stopped.

According to the TLCC, they fully support the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, currently before Parliament, and urged the speaker, Rt. Hon. Alban Suman Kingsford Bagbin, and the entire members of Parliament to pass the bill into law to explicitly prohibit activities of LGBTQ.

According to the Chairman of the Tema Local Council of Churches, Revered Francis G. Tetteh, the 8th Parliament of Ghana should be bold and very courageous and not be deterred by the faces, qualifications, positions and the influences of organisations, individuals, and even nations who oppose the bill.

“The TLCC is of the view that the cost and damage of LGBTQI+ activities will be too high for the nation to bear and failure by Parliament to pass this bill into law will in the near future plunge the nation into serious health challenges,” they warned.

These health challenges, according to the TLCC, include rise in HIV/AIDS infections, risk of Ghana becoming extinct due to lack of procreation and the subsequent rise of other abnormal human perversions will make Ghana like the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah which was destroyed by fire.

The TLCC asserted that Parliament should therefore consider this bill as the destiny of Ghana in their hands and treat it with alacrity, careful thought and do the needful to protect the future of Ghana.

“We are encouraging all parents to take personal responsibility to nurture their children the right way so that they will not fall prey to the perversion of LGBTQI+.

“We are also admonishing the youth to resist and report to the police individuals, groups, or organisations who will attempt to convince them with money or other benefits, or coerce them into the practice of LGBTQI+ and its activities.

The Tema Local Council of churches appealed to all Embassies to respect the sovereignty of Ghana and desist from supporting, promoting, and giving recognition to individuals, organisations and groups involved in LGBTQI.

“We are by this statement urging the Government of Ghana, all Ghanaians and African Governments to wake up from our stupor, eschew corruption and greed and make good use of our God-given resources to build healthy and prosperous nations and stop the over reliance on the West,” it urged.

Credit: Daily Analyst

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