Kissing Anglican Priest, Father Larbi fired


The Priest who kissed female students at the St Monica’s College of Education within the Asante-Mampong Diocese, Father Balthazar Obeng Larbi has been relieved of his post.

He was sacked after a crunch meeting convened by school authorities in Asante Mampong over the kissing brouhaha.

Father Larbi was seen in a viral video standing behind a pulpit kissing female students one after the other.

One cannot tell why he did that but some of the girls did not seem happy about the Priest’s action.

The Church

In a statement, the Anglican Church of Ghana said it was saddened by the news, adding that a thorough Investigation has immediately been instituted into the matter.

It also assured that the action of the said Priest would be dealt with in accordance with the norms and values of the Anglican Communion where morality is extremely revered in the Church.

Meanwhile, the Church has directed that all further clarifications on the matter should be addressed to the undersigned on 0244,351338.

It noted that all efforts are being made to engage the students concerned through counseling sessions to avert any psychological issues that may arise as a result of the viral video.

The Students

After the statement, some students of St Monica’s College of Education also jumped into the defense of the Priest, Father Larbi.

The students who defended the Priest explained that,”We stand to fight for Justice and what is duly right. On the morning of our Sunday service (15th August,2071), our school Chaplain honoured deserving students with certificates, sums of money and offered the kisses too.”

The students continued,”Unfortunately, some people perceived to be students took videos and jokingly posted them on their status for fun with funny captions. Some supposed Bloggers without any inquiries into the situation posted on social media with untrue captions.”

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