‘Galamseyer’ picked up at Jubilee House – Haruna


Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu has said his side in parliament are demanding a greater transparency from the government in the fight against illegal small scale mining (Galamsey).
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He has warned the government against any attempt to cover up for persons arrested for engaging in the illicit trade.

He said this while speaking at a leadership media engagement in parliament on Wednesday June 2. “We are demanding greater transparency even in the President’s quest to fight galamsey.

“I hear a gentleman was picked up some few days ago at Flagstaff House, one Damoah and we are following closely.. Nobody should make an attempt to cover up what his doings have been relative to his engagement or involvement in galamsey.

“He was picked up by the National Security and they are trying to cover up but we are following very closely.

“So the President is fighting his own people and we are beginning to know them.”

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