Eid-ul-Fitr: How to celebrate Eid amidst coronavirus pandemic


The holy month of Ramzan is drawing to an end as Muslims around the world.

The celebrations are usually earmarked by visiting friends and family, going to the mosque and other public places.

This year, Eid will be celebrated on May 13th. With the coronavirus pandemic coming down heavily across the world and strict stay at home orders circulated, there’s no denying that the festivities will be a little dull than usual this year.

‘But that doesn’t mean we can’t usher in the festival spirit.

We tell you 5 ways you can celebrate the holy festival of Eid in a safe and healthy way this year. Eid Mubarak!

1. Hold virtual Iftaar parties

It might not be possible for you to visit your friends and family this Eid, but there’s no need to put a damper on the festivities. Connect to your loved ones online, hold virtual parties and this way, you can celebrate the festival with the ones all around the world.

2. Have something healthy immunity rich for the day

Eid delights and delicacies are something everybody looks forward to. While we are sure most of us would be busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen, how about you also include something healthy and nutrition-packed in your meals as well? Make sure to include some source of Vitamin C, fruits, antioxidant-rich food items which will also balance our the feasting and ensure

3. Follow social distancing

Even as the lockdown restrictions have eased out in certain parts of the country and movement has been allowed, it is crucial that you follow the rules of social distancing diligently, sanitize and disinfect all surfaces, avoid getting in touch with germy areas and wear a mask all the time.

4. Help the poor and needy

Doing alms and charity is one of the biggest pillars of Islam and many Muslims around the world make it a point to practice social welfare. This year, it can be a good idea to help those in need. Many struck by the unprecedented crisis are finding it hard to manage rations or have protective equipment to stay safe. You can distribute money, grains to those in need right now. Charity, volunteering, practising gratitude are some of the ways to enjoy the festival.

5. Don’t forget to dress up

The festival might mean that you will be staying indoors all day long but doesn’t mean you have to stay in your pyjamas. Dressing up for a change can brighten up your day and feel a change from the lockdown routine.

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