Drama as corpse refuses to be buried but leads people to house of the ritualist that killed her (video)


There was a dramatic and shocking incident in the West African country of Sierra Leone where a dead person refused to be buried but rather led pallbearers to the house of the person who killed her.
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In a viral video that has emerged to that effect, the pallbearers and undertakers could be seen being spiritually led to the house of the alleged murderer in Kent, Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone.

The corpse made several attempts to enter the said house of its murderer on the day of her funeral. In a video shared by Sierraloaded, a group of men was seen carrying a coffin and a strange force was taking them towards the entrance of a house.

According to the witnesses, the corpse is said to be a victim of ritual murder in Kent Village, and the house it was entering was alleged to be that of the ritualist that murdered her.

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